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Shinra-Bansho Music Pack

Phase 1 pack includes the twin vocals of Ayaponzu* & Ayo,and popular artist Shinra-Bansho!
This pack includes 6 songs, each with their own challenges.
The popular Mischief Sensation and Happy Egoist, as well as Dendera Party Night are included in this pack!


  • Mischief Sensation
  • Happy Egoist
  • Maid’s Heart is a Puppet
  • MY Heart Rate
  • Charismatic Purgatory Goddess
  • Dendera Party Night

6 Challenge stages

Lv.4 Id & Ego (Happy Egoist)
Lv.5 Youkai! Monster! Ghost! (Dendera Party Night)
Lv.6 Scarlet Sister Squabble (Mischief Sensation)
Lv.7 My Hakurei (MY Heart Rate)
Lv.8 Puppet & Puppet Master (Maid’s Heart is a Puppet)
Lv.10 Youmu Konpaku, still needs training ①(Charismatic Purgatory Goddess)

Scarlet Devil Land Song Pack

This new music pack, "Scarlet Devil Land Song Pack"contains 6 songs and challenges!
New artists have been added to this set: AbsoЯute Zero & Girls Logic Observatory!


  • Hitorishizuka / Yuuhei Satellite / Music: Apparitions Stalk the Night
  • ⑨Till you know / AbsoЯute Zero / Music: Beloved Tomboyish Daughter
  • Sham / ShinRa-Bansho / Music: Voile, Magic Library
  • Bloody Devotion / Akatsuki Records / Music: The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood, Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial
  • A Seeping Bloodline, the Prison of Lunacy / EastNewSound / Music: Septette for a Dead Princess
  • Broken Doll March / Girls Logic Observatory / Music: U.N. Owen Was Her?

6 Challenge stages

Lv.4 Annoying Tenshi (Hitorishizuka)
Lv.5 I’m the best! Right?! (⑨Till you know)
Lv.6 Update Development (Sham)
Lv.8 Scarlet Devil Mansion Hot Scoop! (Bloody Devotion)
Lv.9 The basement is dark, narrow and boring! (A Seeping Bloodline, the Prison of Lunacy)
Lv.10 Broken with the Slightest Touch (Broken Doll March)

Special Song Pack Vol. 1

It's a special song pack including 6 popular arrangements of Touhou songs, plus 6 challenges to go with each song!!
This pack includes new artists, GET IN THE RING and TUMENECO!


  • Last Devil's Little Sister Flandre S. / Beat Mario
  • Game is Over (feat. ytr, Matsu, Rapbit) / TamaOnSen
  • PRESERVED VAMPIRE / SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi
  • Necromantic / Akatsuki Records
  • Festival Flame / GET IN THE RING
  • Send Stars Round the Sky Faster than the Moon / TUMENECO

6 Challenge stages

Lv.4 Shall We Play Together? (Send Stars Round the Sky Faster than the Moon )
Lv.5 Remi's Request (Festival Flame)
Lv.6 Me?! A Training Partner?! (Necromantic)
Lv.6 Bestow Everything Unto Me (PRESERVED VAMPIRE)
Lv.8 Last Devil's Little Sister?! (Last Devil's Little Sister Flandre S.)
Lv.10 I Can't Believe I'm Taking This Game So Seriously! (Game is Over (feat. ytr, Matsu, Rapbit))

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