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Be a Game Center Master

What is 'Game Center'?

In game centers (arcades), you can enjoy various types of games. But do you know how to play them?

Let us give you some hints to master the games.

Types of Games

Here are the common genres of games!

Claw Games/ Prize Games

We renew the prize lineup, including goods of popular anime and comics, figures and plush toys etc, almost every day. Come and get the prizes through the claw games!

Techniques of Claw Games

  • Catch

  • Drag

  • Push/ Poke

  • Pull

*Make your own tactics with the hints above! Practice makes perfect!
*If the prize cannot be reached or is stuck, please ask our staff for assistance.

Music Games

Only the music games in game centers allow you to enjoy the music with your whole body. Go for an exercise with the beats!

Token Games

Token games, like slot, bingo, horse racing, are lite versions of the casino games. The excitement of winning jackpot is indescribable. Try your luck?

Photo Sticker Booths

Taking photo stickers never grows old. New features always surprise you. You can edit your photos not just with clip arts but also with colorful foundation, extended eyelashes and even by merging photos Make your own visual memory!

Video Games

Titles varied from the retro to the recent, from fighting to shooting are found in most game centers. No matter you are newbies, button mashers or even gamers, you can definitely find your favorite games in our stores.

How to Play

If you lack coins to play…

feel free to use the coin changing machines.

How to Use the Coin Changing Machines (Swipe for More)

Insert coins

You may also use emoney. *Some stores are not available

Most of the transportation IC cards are acceptable in TAITO STATION, such as Suica, PASMO, ICOCA etc. Simply place the card on the card reader until you hear a 'Beep' sound. Our stores usually have top-up machines as well. There is no need to worry about the heavy coins as well as remaining amount of the cards.

You may use credit cards to exchange tokens. *Some stores are not available

Please inform our staff at the counter.

Trivia of Game Centers

Be considerate to create a happy atmosphere together.

Entry Restriction

  • According to the laws in Japan, entry restriction is applied in specific time for youngsters in game centers.

  • For age verification, you may have to show your identity card, passport to our staff.

  • Guardians are required to stay with the children.

* Restriction details are different in every single prefecture. Please ask our staff for further details.


  • We cannot exchange the prize for you after you win it. Please ask our staff to change it before you play.

  • After winning the prize, the remaining credits can be transferred to other claw games.

  • Prizes are not for sale in Japan.


  • Assignment, trading of tokens are prohibited.

  • Redemption or refund of tokens is prohibited.

  • The token is only for the use in the same store. Do not take them away from the store.

* Remaining tokens can be temporarily deposited with a short period of time. You may also use them up or return to our staff.

* If you wish to use our temporary deposit service, please inform our staff.


  • We welcome customers to take pictures to share the happiness. However, please do not take photos including others. Also, please do not block the passages or interrupt others to play.

  • It is rude to play several games at the same time. Always, remember to take your belongings with you.

  • No alcohol is allowed in game centers.